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About us

Josh has two decades of experience as a fabricator, most recently working for championship winning NASCAR teams. 

He was a farm kid, born and raised in Bay City, Michigan. Growing up on a farm takes a lot of hard work and dedication. That's where he learned a strong work ethic is not only needed, but required to become successful. On the farm when he was about 14 years old is when he first picked up a welding lead from his papa's old Miller arc welder. With the guidance of his dad and papa, he sat on a rickety old stool, welding bead after bead after bead.

The first thing he fabricated was a go kart from scrap steel and an old snowmobile engine. Creating and building things became his lifelong passion. He moved on to race cars and built and raced several cars in Michigan and Florida. He later moved to North Carolina where he did chassis and body fabrication for NASCAR teams. He has more than 70 wins in the top three NASCAR series, along with multiple championships and a little success racing his own cars and snowmobiles.  

Meet the team



Josh is the chief executive officer and chief creative officer of Babyface Fabrication. He listens to techno and heavy metal music while creating functional and beautiful things with metal. His safety glasses double as a headband to keep his uncontrolled locks out of his face while fabricating.



Gina is the chief marketing officer and business manager for Babyface Fabrication. She's good at numbers, but even better at words. Her hobbies include correcting people's grammar and being indecisive about dinner plans. 


Sophia Mae

Sophia is the chief security officer for Babyface Fabrication. An expert swimmer and water rescue specialist, she is also highly proficient at counter surfing. Sophia loves car rides. She dislikes fireworks and other loud noises.


Ike Edward

Ike is chief of first impressions for Babyface Fabrication. He welcomes belly rubs and pats on the head. Ike is king of the castle and likes to hangout on sofas, tables or any other raised furniture. He is highly athletic, yet notoriously lazy.


Franklin Jet

Franklin is a fabrication inspector for Babyface Fabrication. He's a rambunctious, yet loving young staffer who is partially blind.  What he doesn't see, he makes up for in touch. Franklin enjoys playing outside and dislikes stairs and getting his ears cleaned.

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